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SCLS Status Wiki

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Reaching the SCLS Help Desk

  • Calling the Help Desk - The SCLS Help Desk is available M-F from 8:30-5 pm. The number to call is now (608) 571-7243. The old number is no longer operational.
  • Creating Help Desk tickets - If you prefer to submit an issue online, the Helpdesk Portal is still the preferred way to submit tickets, but Library Staff members who are working from home without remote access to the SCLS network can submit a ticket by sending an email to helpdesk@scls.info.



Report server out of sync

2021-10-22 2:13 pm:  The report server has been up to date this entire last week so the report server issues must have been fixed. 

2021-10-15 2:18 pm:   There is a problem with the report server and the process that copies data from Bibliovation to the report server is not running.  If you are running any of the On Demand reports in Bibliovation, the results will not reflect any changes since 1:58 this morning.  LibLime is working on this.


Some Patrons not receiving hold notification text messages-

2021-09-27 8:50 am:  We've heard back from the Talkingtech vendor and they and their SMS provider confirmed the text messages are going out.  The US Cellular service for blocking robocalls said that the text messaging number we use isn't blocked for calls but that they only do blocking for robocalls and the number might be blocked by a different service.  If a patron has US Cellular and is not receiving text messages, the current suggestion is to have them contact US Cellular and ask if 608-234-4502 has been blocked. 

2021-09-24 11:00 am:  We've continued to test and, as of yesterday, US Cellular customers were still not getting their hold notification test messages.  They are receiving phone calls, just not the text messages.  Our vendor has confirmed that the text messages were processed correctly and sent.  They are contacting their SMS service provider to see if there are any indications of errors on that end.  We also reported the phone number used for the text messages to the US Cellular page for businesses to report having their phone numbers blocked as spam.  I don't know that this will help as we're having text messages blocked, not phone calls but we'll see if it makes a difference.

2021-09-14 2:00 pm:  We've tested and confirmed there is an issue with US Cellular customers not getting their hold notification text messages.  The messages are leaving the Talkingtech server but are not being delivered.  Unfortunately, unlike email, we don't get a bounce or error notification for text messages.  If you have patrons reporting they are not receiving their text messages, they should contact US Cellular about the problem.  US Cellular may be blocking our text messages thinking they are spam.

2021-08-30 4:54 pm: Two libraries have passed on reports from patrons that they did not receive hold notification text messages last week.  The Message queue in the patron record state that the messages were delivered but patrons have not received them.  ILS staff are investigating to determine the source of the problem.


Firefox 86 update - Receipt and label printing problems

2021-05-05 8:30am:    IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing any slow or loud printing of receipts or spine labels not printing out correctly after this update, please take the steps in the documents on this page: https://www.scls.info/technology/firefox-printing .  If you still experience printing problems after completing the fixes, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.


Spine Label Printing Problem

2021-03-22 4:50 pm: We've gotten numerous reports from libraries that their Dymo spine label printers are printing out blank labels.  If you experience this problem please call the Help Desk and we can install a new driver that will fix the problem.



the new SCLS website will be launching on Thursday, September 7. Content from the old site will still be available on the new site, with a new and improved look!


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