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SCLS Status Wiki

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Reaching the SCLS Help Desk

  • Calling the Help Desk - The SCLS Help Desk is available M-F from 8:30 - 5:00 and can be reached at:
    • (608) 242-4710 (Local)
    • (855) 583-2148 (Toll free)
  • Creating Help Desk tickets - If you prefer to submit an issue online, the SCLS Help Desk Portal is still the preferred way to submit tickets, but library staff members can also submit a ticket by sending an email to helpdesk@scls.info. (See the SCLS Get Help page for how to access the portal.)


Holds Queue reports not refreshing

2024-03-21 8:35am: Problem fixed. The cron script ran and refreshed every hour last night and this morning.  LibLime moved the script back into the systems crons to run, as we move quite a number of hold requests on a weekly, daily and hourly basis.

2024-03-20 4:23pm: The cron script is running again so all of the Holds Queue reports should now be refreshed with more hold requests.  We will continue to monitor this for awhile before closing the ticket.

2024-03-20 2:57pm: The cron script that refreshes all Holds Queue reports is throwing out errors, so reports are not getting most new holds requests. LibLime has been notified and we hope the problem is resolved as soon as possible.


Post-Bibliovation upgrade problem

2024-02-01 10:45am: After the upgrade we have noticed that there is an increased amount of data string caching in Search field.  Please see Known Problem #3925 for details and how to clear the cached search strings.


Links in emails to scheduled reports from MyPC are not working

2023-11-01 4:30 pm: We are aware of this problem and we are working with TBS to fix this problem.  For now, in order to get your scheduled MyPC reports, you will need to log into MyPC, go to the Reports section and go to the report that you setup as a scheduled report. Once this problem is fixed we will post a message here. 




the new SCLS website will be launching on Thursday, September 7. Content from the old site will still be available on the new site, with a new and improved look!


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