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Reaching the SCLS Help Desk


MyPC Problem

2020-09-23 2:13 pm: We've gotten some reports of MyPC PCs kicking people out and giving a "No Communication" error message.  Some PCs have also been seen switching back and forth to the "No Connection" message in the MyPC header.  If you have this problem happen at your library please note the time of day and the PC name.  Then call the Help Desk with that information.


Batch Item Editor Processing

2020-09-22 8:30am: Batch Item Editor should be back to normal.

2020-09-21 12:00pm: There have been reported issues with Batch editing. A ticket is in with liblime.


Planned outage 9/17 - SCLS-hosted Drupal websites

2020-09-17 9:54pm: Maintenance is complete. All sites should be online and available.

2020-09-17 9:00pm: All live and beta Drupal websites hosted by SCLS will be offline for approximately 1/2 hour between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. for Drupal module updates.


TalkingTech issues

2020-09-15 10:10 am:  As of September 4th, long distance calls to area codes outside of the 608 area code were working.  We are still having issues with long distance calls within the 608 area code.  I tested today and those are still not working.  Also, starting on September 11th, we had a problem with one of the phone lines not working.  That has been fixed now as well. 

2020-08-27 3:50 pm:  We have had a number of reports of patrons not getting their phone notices.  I went into the office and tested the phone lines and  discovered that when our phone lines were reconnected after a mistake got them disconnected, they evidently neglected to enable long distance calling on the lines.  This is being reported to AT&T.  This should only affect long distance voice messages, text messages should still be received. 


Bibliovation - Holds expiring today (3/2) marked as Hold Over on Holds Awaiting Pickup report

2020-03-02 8:45 am An internal processing error seems to have s marked holds that expire TODAY as Hold Over instead of waiting until tomorrow's report.  Please leave those items on the shelf today.  This has been reported to Liblime and they are reviewing the problem. 


LINKcat Mobile app

2020-02-06 8:00am: The LINKcat Mobile app vendor has added several fixes to the app that are designed to address the problems with accessing and using the app. If patrons continue to experience any issues with the app, have the patron clear the settings in the app (instructions below). The patron may have followed these steps in the past, but please ask them to run through clearing the settings one more time:

1. In the upper right hand corner, tap the "hamburger" or "kebab" (either three lines or three dots) and select "Clear all settings."

2. Then tap the "Clear" button to set the app back to "factory settings."

3. Then have the patron log into their account on the app again.

If patrons continue to experience problems with the LINKcat Mobile app after following the above steps, please open a SCLS Help Desk Portal ticket with the following information:

1. Type of device used (ex. iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy s8).

2. Operating system, including version (ex. iOS 13.3, Android 8.1.0).

3. Detailed description of the problem: For example, is the patron getting an error message? If so, what is the error message and when was it received (approximate time and date)? When does the patron get the error message (ex. when logging in, searching, etc.)? If there's no error message, what happens to prevent the patron from using the app?  



the new SCLS website will be launching on Thursday, September 7. Content from the old site will still be available on the new site, with a new and improved look!